Who are we?

Sicamar Metales SA was born in 1992, based in Venado Tuerto, Province of Santa Fe, by Essen Aluminio SA shareholders, who saw the opportunity to found a new company next to the one already present in the Industrial Park of the city, in order to carry out the productive process between both of them.

The new refinery was not only designed to supply Essen with the raw materials needed to produce their pans, but also to supply the demand of the domestic and foreign markets.


Recycle and transform non-ferrous metals into aluminum and zinc alloys, protecting the environment, guaranteeing our clients the highest quality, optimizing resources and complying with legal regulations.


To be a leading company in the aluminum smelting and recycling market, satisfying the expectations of shareholders, staff, suppliers, customers and the community; while achieving a constant improvement of our technical and human levels.


  1. QUALITY: We provide a level of excellence in all our products, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all our customers.
  2. PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: We contribute to the preservation of the environment and generate energy savings by recycling scrap metal in order to obtain the raw material for our products.
  3. COMMITMENT: We are committed to optimizing our processes by providing quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers.
  4. COMMITMENT TO THE STAFF: We are committed to preventing accidents and occupational diseases, having daily monitoring of possible risks within the organization.
  5. INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT: We focus on continuous improvement, making significant investments in order to improve our processes to obtain excellence in our 43 products.
  6. FOCUS ON THE CLIENT: We understand the current and future needs of each of our clients. We guarantee that each of the processes and final products meet their requirements and demands.


Sicamar Metals made important investments in the field of gaseous effluent purification and environmental protection. Thus, the most demanding standards for pollution control in our country are currently met.

Our alloys are delivered to our clients complying with the technical specifications required by them, manufactured under strict environmental control and without affecting the product´s quality.

Our commitment is to manage in an Efficient and Rational way the use of Natural Resources, without negatively affecting the ecological balance.

A healthy environment offers the community greater possibilities for development, economic and social well-being, and understands that the degradation of natural resources threatens our own survival and that of other species.

Our Clients







Ensuring consistent high quality is Sicamar Metals primary objective. Its alloys are guaranteed by its demanding Quality Department, equipped in accordance with the latest technological advances used in the field of non-ferrous industry.

From the reception of raw materials, as well as during the different manufacturing processes, various controls are carried out using emission and optical spectrometry equipment.

In addition to these chemical analyzes, macro and microscopic observations are made in order to guarantee a metallographic structure according to what is requested by clients.

The different stages of the manufacturing process are recorded and are archived together with the specimens used.

The aim is to offer users the possibility of subsequent “traceability”.

With each shipment, Sicamar Metales SA accompanies a quality certificate, which ensures that the delivered products strictly respond to what is requested by the buyers. On the other hand, we have the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification in Management Systems for the manufacture and sale of ingots and bars of aluminum-based alloys; This certification is the result of our commitment.

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